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Medical instruction for Australian Embassy

Medical instruction for Australian Embassy

Medical examination should be conducted before the immigrant and non immigrant visa interview.

Prior the examination following documents are required:
Original passport along with photocopy of passport (1 set)
HAP ID/ HRI ID/ TRN Number and copy of the medical referral letter
What to expect at IME:
a. Discussion of medical records/ prescriptions/ medical history with delegated staff/ PP.
b. Full physical examination requiring undressing to underwear but clinic gowns & chaperon will be provided
a. Please bring glasses/ lenses & if any prescription/ previous medical records.
b. Women are advised not to do medicals in menstruation period.
c. No need to come in empty stomach.
d. Whole procedure may take 30-45 minutes.
e. Please bring COVID-19(Corona) vaccination certificate (if available).
f. Please bring chest xray films (if available).
Please do not come to the clinic if fever or conjunctivitis.

What Not to Bring :

All applicants are requested not to bring any large bags or wear unnecessary jewelry on the day of medical examination. Any accompanying person with the applicant may not be allowed in the medical center. Please do not bring along with you any other person as an attendant or escort. Only those applicants requiring special assistance are allowed one attendant to accompany them in the medical center. If you require special assistance please inform the medical center before coming for medical examination.

When Do I Get The Report? :

For all e-Medical reports will be submitted by the panel physician to the concern health departments after completion of all required tests.

Important Information For the Applicant:
Any intentional attempt to hide medical or physical condition shall be informed to the embassy.
If you are pregnant please inform the staff at the registration desk.
Complete physical examination is required by CDC/Health authority of concern country and whole body shall be examined. Please take in account hygiene and cleanliness.
If you or your child has high grade fever or is severely ill please re-schedule your appointment and only come for the medical examination when you or your child has recovered completely.
Please bring your vision glasses or contact lenses at the time of medical examination. Please also bring your previous prescriptions of medications or surgical notes if any.


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