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Eye Care Services

Eye Care Services

Eye Care Services at Fortune Healthcare Ltd.

Eye Care Services

Your Vision Our Commitment

In a world that’s visually dynamic, the importance of pristine vision is paramount. At Fortune Healthcare Ltd., we pledge to provide the highest standard of eye care, ensuring that your window to the world remains clear and healthy.

Unparalleled Excellence in Eye Care

The eye, a delicate and intricate organ, deserves nothing but the finest care. At Fortune Healthcare Ltd., our multidisciplinary team of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and trained technicians are dedicated to preserving and restoring your vision.

Why Fortune Healthcare Ltd. Stands Out in Eye Care:

  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities: We house the latest ophthalmic instruments and equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  2. Team of Experts: Our professionals are not only certified but are also consistently updated with the latest in the field.
  3. Comprehensive Care: From regular eye check-ups to specialized treatments, we cater to every aspect of ocular health.
  4. Customized Solutions: We believe each eye is unique, and so is its requirement. Our treatments are tailored for individual needs.

Comprehensive Eye Care ServicesEye Care Services

Routine Eye Examinations

Essential for maintaining eye health, our routine check-ups can identify potential problems before they become serious.

Pediatric Eye Care

Focused on the unique requirements of children’s eyes, ensuring their vision is on the right track from a young age.

Cataract Surgery

Employing modern techniques and technology, we offer both diagnosis and treatment solutions for cataracts.

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management

Early detection and management are key to this “silent thief of sight,” and we’re equipped to handle it.

Retina and Vitreous Services

Advanced treatments for conditions like diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and more.

LASIK and Refractive Surgery

Say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses with our precise and safe vision correction procedures.

Oculoplastics and Cosmetic Procedures

Enhancing both function and aesthetics of the eye and surrounding areas.

Contact Lens and Optical Services

Get fitted with the perfect lenses or glasses suited to your visual needs.

Dry Eye Clinic

Diagnosis, management, and relief from the persistent discomfort of dry eyes.

Pioneering Research and Development

Innovation and progress are in our DNA. We continually invest in research, ensuring we’re at the forefront of ocular medicine. Patients at Fortune Healthcare Ltd. benefit from the latest treatments, many of which are developed or refined at our very own research centers.

Patient-Centric Approach

Every individual’s vision needs are different. Our team is committed to understanding your concerns, diagnosing issues with precision, and charting out the best possible treatment pathways. With us, you’re not just another appointment; you’re a person we genuinely care for.

Stay Updated with Eye Health

Our commitment to your vision doesn’t end at the clinic. We continually provide resources, articles, and updates on eye health. Follow our blog and social media channels to stay updated.

Embracing Technology

The field of ophthalmology is rapidly evolving with technology. At Fortune Healthcare Ltd., we embrace this change. From teleophthalmology consultations to the use of AI in diagnosing retinal conditions, we’re integrating tech for more accurate and swift solutions.

Community Outreach Programs

Believing in the right to clear vision for all, we regularly conduct eye camps in underserved areas, offer free screenings, and have special programs for those in need. With Fortune Healthcare Ltd., community service isn’t an obligation; it’s our passion.

List of Eye Care Services List of Eye Care Services

Eye health is fundamental to our overall well-being. Regular check-ups, timely intervention, and appropriate treatments ensure that our eyes remain healthy and our vision, sharp. Here is a comprehensive list of eye care services that cater to various needs and conditions.

Routine Eye Examinations

Description: Regular eye exams are crucial for maintaining optimal eye health, detecting potential problems early, and ensuring accurate vision.
Includes: Vision assessment, eye pressure measurement, and a thorough examination of the eye’s interior and exterior.
Pediatric Eye Care

Description: Specialized care tailored for children, ensuring their visual development is on track.
Includes: Screening for common childhood eye issues, lazy eye (amblyopia) treatment, and prescription glasses if required.
Cataract Evaluation and Surgery:

Description: Diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, which cloud the eye’s natural lens.
Includes: Cataract surgery, lens implantation, and post-operative care.
Glaucoma Detection and Management:

Description: Early identification and treatment of glaucoma, a condition that can damage the optic nerve.
Includes: Eye pressure measurement, optic nerve assessment, visual field testing, and medication or surgical interventions.
Retinal and Vitreous Services:

Description: Care for the retina and vitreous fluid, addressing conditions like diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.
Includes: Retinal imaging, laser treatments, vitrectomy procedures, and intravitreal injections.

LASIK and Refractive Surgery

Description: Procedures to correct refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.
Includes: LASIK, PRK, LASEK, and other advanced refractive surgeries.

Oculoplastic Surgery

Description: Procedures that deal with the reconstruction of the eye and associated structures.
Includes: Cosmetic eyelid surgery, tear duct procedures, and orbital surgeries.
Contact Lens Fitting and Optical Services

Description: Fitting and provision of contact lenses and prescription glasses.
Includes: Soft, hard, toric, bifocal, and specialty contact lens fittings, along with a wide range of optical frames and lenses.
Dry Eye Clinic

Description: Diagnosis and management of dry eye syndrome and associated discomfort.
Includes: Tear film assessment, punctal plugs, and specialized dry eye treatments.
10. Uveitis and Ocular Inflammation Services:

Description: Diagnosis and management of inflammation inside the eye.
Includes: Steroid treatments, immunomodulatory therapy, and patient-specific management strategies.

Description: Addresses the relationship between the nervous system and vision, treating conditions arising from issues with the optic nerve or brain.
Includes: Visual field assessment, optic nerve imaging, and targeted therapies.

Low Vision Rehabilitation

Description: Assisting patients with irreversible vision loss to maximize their remaining vision and improve their quality of life.
Includes: Low vision aids, training in visual techniques, and adaptive strategies.

A holistic approach to eye care encompasses a diverse range of services. Whether you’re seeking preventive care, addressing a specific ocular condition, or aiming to optimize your visual experience, there’s a service tailored for your unique needs. Regular consultations with eye care professionals will ensure that you avail the right services for lasting eye health.

Fortune Healthcare Ltd.

Fortune Healthcare Dhaka

A Beacon of Medical Excellence in Dhaka

Situated in the heart of Dhaka, Fortune Healthcare Ltd. is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care to the residents of the city and beyond. With a commitment to clinical excellence, patient-centered care, and state-of-the-art facilities, we stand as one of the premier healthcare institutions in the region.

Fortune Healthcare Ltd., our mission is to deliver high-quality, compassionate care to every patient. We blend advanced medical technology with a human touch, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care in a comforting environment.

Specialized Departments
Our hospital boasts a range of specialized departments, each equipped with the latest medical equipment and led by a team of dedicated professionals. From primary care to specialized surgery, our teams are ready to handle a diverse range of medical challenges.

Patient-Centric Approach
Understanding the needs and concerns of our patients is at the heart of everything we do. Our staff, from the reception desk to the operation theater, are trained to ensure a seamless and comforting experience for those who trust us with their care.

Advanced Medical Technology

Staying abreast of the latest in medical technology is one of our key commitments. Our facilities are continually updated to ensure that patients have access to cutting-edge treatments and diagnostic tools.

Community Engagement
Beyond the walls of our hospital, we engage with the Dhaka community through various outreach programs, health camps, and awareness drives. We believe in a healthier community and play our part in making it a reality.

Visit Us

For consultations, treatments, or to learn more about our services, visit Fortune Healthcare Ltd., Dhaka. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist and guide you towards better health.


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