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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a type of non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that is designed to help improve and strengthen the visual system, including the eyes and the brain, in order to improve visual skills and functioning.

Vision therapy is typically performed under the guidance of a trained optometrist or vision therapist, and involves a series of exercises and activities designed to help improve various aspects of the visual system, such as eye coordination, focusing, and tracking.

The specific techniques and exercises used in vision therapy may vary depending on the individual’s specific visual problems and needs, but may include:

Eye exercises: These may include activities such as eye-tracking, convergence training, and eye teaming exercises to improve eye coordination and control.

Visual perceptual training: These may include activities to improve visual memory, spatial awareness, and visual discrimination.

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation: This involves exercises and activities designed to improve visual processing and cognitive function after an injury or neurological condition.

Computer-based vision therapy: This may involve the use of specialized software and equipment to provide visual stimuli and feedback to help improve visual skills.

Vision therapy may be recommended for individuals with a wide range of visual problems, including lazy eye (amblyopia), crossed or wandering eyes (strabismus), double vision, and visual processing problems.

Overall, vision therapy can be an effective non-surgical treatment option for improving visual skills and functioning in individuals with various types of visual problems, with the goal of improving their quality of life and ability to perform daily tasks.

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