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Cytopathology is a branch of pathology that deals with the study of cells at a microscopic level to diagnose diseases. It involves the examination of individual cells, typically collected from various body fluids and tissues, to identify cellular changes and abnormalities that may indicate the presence of diseases such as cancer, infections, and inflammatory conditions.

Cytopathology techniques are commonly used in the diagnosis of cancers, including cervical cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and thyroid cancer, among others. It is also used in the diagnosis of non-cancerous conditions such as viral infections, bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases, and hormonal disorders.

Cytopathology methods include techniques such as fine needle aspiration (FNA), where a thin needle is used to collect cells from a mass or lump, and the cells are then examined under a microscope. Other methods include exfoliative cytology, where cells are collected from body fluids such as urine, sputum, and pleural fluid, and analyzed for abnormalities. Cytopathologists use their expertise to interpret the cellular changes and provide accurate diagnoses that help guide patient management and treatment decisions. Cytopathology is an essential tool in the field of pathology and plays a crucial role in the early detection and diagnosis of diseases. Overall, cytopathology is an important field of medicine that aids in the diagnosis and management of various diseases by studying cellular changes at a microscopic level. It is a valuable diagnostic tool that helps guide patient care and treatment decisions.


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